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Financing Immunization


Vaccines are among the world’s cheapest and most effective health interventions. Yet, despite the mobilization of significant resources from partners in the Global Alliance, immunization programmes are still seriously underfunded and low on many governments’ lists of priorities.

GAVI has set up a Financing Task Force (FTF) to find ways for key players – national governments, donors, and vaccine manufacturers – to help mobilize resources to enhance immunization programs both today and into the future.


Health works: immunized babies face a better future and their parents can earn a living

Specific challenges have been selected as priorities for the Task Force. They include:

The Task Force has commissioned work from a range of independent experts and will publish briefing materials and analyses to support decision-makers. These resources will include: background and discussion papers and case studies, a vaccine finance policy “briefcase”, and a model for forecasting vaccine demand.

This section summarises details of the Task Force’s current work, and documents and other resources to download. New materials will be added as they become available. Some papers will be posted in draft form and comments will be sought. The Task Force’s current workplan is also available here. Comments and/or input to the workplan should be sent via email to

Introduction Financing Task Force Identifying long-term financing options
Promoting the development of new vaccines for low-income and middle-income countries Forecasting vaccine demand Capacity Building in Financial Management

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