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Abuja, Nigeria, 4-5 December 2004

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  • Report of the Hib Task Force
    PDF - 25K
  • Presentation - David Fleming
    PPT - 182K
  • 5 Recommendations of the Hib task force

    • Board members expressed satisfaction with the thorough and consultative work of the group. Other board members, however, were disappointed that the information was not more conclusive.
    • Defined in basic terms, a ‘probe’ study consists of introducing a new vaccine in certain communities and not in others, and tracking disease burden in all communities to see whether, and how much, impact the vaccine has had. Considering that India is home to 20% of the world’s pneumonia disease burden, conducting a Hib probe study in India will be important.

      The Board:

        5.1 Approved an overall envelope of $37 million to be awarded through a competitive tender either to a single partner or to a consortium of GAVI partners working together over a four-year period to provide programmatic support to those countries wishing to continue to use Hib vaccine and to those countries wishing to explore whether the introduction of Hib vaccine is a priority for their immunization program/health system.

        5.2 Agreed to appoint an independent review group to review proposals and make a recommendation to the GAVI Board.

        5.3 Requested the Hib task force to develop a more specific process for the solicitation and review of proposals, including proposing the composition of the independent review group.

        5.4 Agreed that the ADIP Management Committee, (with a revised membership to address the broadened mandate), should provide management oversight for the Hib work.

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    1. Presentation by Nigeria immunization programme
    2. Overview of the first phase of GAVI and The Vaccine Fund financial report
    3. Final report of the 2003 Work Plan and Interim report of the GAVI 2004-05 Work Plan
    4. ADIP Management Committee Report and Recommendations
    5. Recommendations of the Hib task force
    6. Financing
    7. ISS Extension
    8. Independent Review Committee (IRC) policy recommendations
    9. Recommendation of the governance sub-group
    10. Framework for strengthening immunization services
    11. Long-term procurement strategy
    12. Funding for innovations programme
    13. Eligible countries in phase 2
    14. Global Immunization Vision and Strategy
    15. International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm)
    16. Board turnover
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