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Geneva, Switzerland, 28-29 April 2005
Summary Report

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  • Bo Stenson
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  • 11. 2006-07 GAVI strategic framework and work plan

    • The strategic framework will need to outline GAVIís main challenges and goals, including how country ownership will be enhanced.

    The Board:

      11.1 Endorsed the proposed process for developing a joint GAVI/Vaccine Fund Strategic Framework as a basis for the subsequent joint GAVI/Vaccine Fund 2006-07 Work Plan.

      11.2 Requested the following adjustments to the proposed content:

        11.2.1 Increase the focus on activities that improve coordination with other global health initiatives, and strengthening coordination mechanisms in the countries, including involvement of nongovernmental organizations;

        11.2.2 Prioritize activity areas and corresponding budgets;

        11.2.3 Address the issue of partnersí accountability to their own governance bodies, versus accountability to the GAVI Board;

        11.2.4 Clarify the capacity of the Secretariat to carry out increased workload.

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    1. Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS)
    2. The Vaccine Fund financial forecast
    3. Looking forward to phase 2; GAVI funding principles
    4. Investment Case review process
    5. Advance market mechanisms
    6. The evolving vaccine pipeline
    7. Long-term vaccine procurement strategy
    8. HepB, Hib and yellow fever in phase 2
    9. Update on the Health System Support (HSS) investment case
    10. Update on the International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm)
    11. 2006-07 GAVI strategic framework and work plan
    12. In camera session
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