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Geneva, Switzerland, 28-29 April 2005
Summary Report

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  • Presentation:  Bo Stenson (PPT - 84K)
  • Paper (PDF - 23K
  • 4. Investment Case review process

    • In the future it will be important to provide more background information to the Board so that prior decisions are understood and not revisited.
    • The GAVI Board will be challenged to make difficult decisions about future GAVI investment areas. The process cannot be over-simplified.
    • Some Board members felt that the new vaccine investment cases should be requested for review already in December 2005. However, the majority view was that the new vaccine investment cases should be delayed (see decision 4.4).
    • In cases where global information is not complete, it may be worthwhile exploring whether decisions could be made on a regional basis so that action could be based on information at hand instead of delayed until all information becomes available.

    The Board:

      4.1 Approved the proposed investment case review process including the creation of an independent review group to provide recommendations to the GAVI Board for decision.

      4.2 Agreed to review the proposed review committee members and respond to the Secretariat by email within one week (by 6 May), but requested additional information concerning the reasons why these particular individuals are being proposed.

      4.3 Agreed that the investment cases dependent on IFFIm funding measles, maternal and neonatal tetanus, and polio stockpile should be presented to the Board for decision in July, considering the need to disburse funding quickly should the IFFIm be launched at the G8 Summit in early July.

      4.4 Agreed that new vaccine investment cases should not be submitted in December 2005 but delayed to allow for more time for high-level strategic discussions. Further, the Board will need to judge the vaccine investment cases against the proportion of overall resource envelope.

      4.5 Requested the Working Group to explore the issues relating to the process for solicitation of vaccine investment cases, and submit its recommendations to the GAVI Board at a future meeting.

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