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Paris, France, 19-20 July, 2005
Summary Report

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  • Presentation:  Bo Stenson
    ( PPT - 183K)
  • Principles for technical support
    ( PDF - 23K)
  • 10. Technical support in phase 2

    • Technical support requirements are best identified at the country level and therefore provision of this support should be a country-driven process. However, many countries may not currently have the capacity to coordinate and manage their technical support.
    • NGOs have unique experience and qualifications to provide technical support to countries; their role in immunization should be more fully explored.


    The Board:

      10.1 Endorsed the proposed principles for technical support in phase 2.

      10.2 Agreed that the ultimate aim would be a completely country-driven approach. However, this will take time. In the meantime, support could flow through WHO and UNICEF and other technical partners such as NGOs, whilst phasing in a country-led approach. Further consideration would be needed to ensure that these different routes of support are coordinated at the country level.

      10.3 Endorsed the creation of a task team to develop and further clarify the proposal. Given the experience of WHO and UNICEF in this area they should be on the team, but membership should be broader considering that these agencies would have an inherent conflict of interest.

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    1. Report from the field: Malawi
    2. GAVI/Vaccine Fund in Phase 2—Executive Secretary Report
    3. Investment case development, review and decision-making process
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    5. New vaccines in phase 2
    6. IFFIm-Dependent Investment Cases
    7. Long-term supply and procurement strategy
    8. The International Finance Facility for Immunization
    9. Immunization services support and health system strengthening
    10. Technical support in phase 2
    11. GAVI/VF 2006-07 Work Plan Framework
    12. Yellow fever stockpile evaluation
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