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Paris, France, 19-20 July, 2005
Summary Report

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  • Presentation:  Julian Lob-Levyt
    ( PPT - 127K)
  • Principles for immunization services and health system strengthening
    ( PDF - 36K)
  • 9. Immunization services support and health system strengthening

    • Immunization services support (ISS) and health system strengthening (HSS) funding should be framed within the broader context of global initiatives. Complementary processes throughout health systems reduce burdens placed on countries.
    • Both funding streams must remain clearly focused on immunization, especially considering that the funding needs in health systems are tremendous. The ratio of funding between HSS and ISS should be carefully monitored.
    • It will be especially important to build monitoring processes into HSS funding from the start to ensure the most effective use of resources, and make adjustments to the process as needed.


    The Board:

      9.1 Endorsed the principles for health systems support in phase 2, with the proviso that support should be time-limited.

      9.2 Approved the continuation of immunization services support (ISS), including extension of support to all GAVI-eligible countries, and the opening of a new funding stream for Health Systems Support (HSS) that would be focused on themed areas such as district-level support and human resources.

      9.3 A detailed proposal for ISS and HSS support, including guidelines for countries will be submitted to the December 2005 Board for implementation in 2006. It may be worth exploring whether ISS and HSS could be considered two ‘panes’ in one window.

      9.4 Requested a structured presentation of the proposed investment in health systems, including resource implications, to be presented at the December 2005 Board meeting.

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    1. Report from the field: Malawi
    2. GAVI/Vaccine Fund in Phase 2—Executive Secretary Report
    3. Investment case development, review and decision-making process
    4. Bridge financing investment case
    5. New vaccines in phase 2
    6. IFFIm-Dependent Investment Cases
    7. Long-term supply and procurement strategy
    8. The International Finance Facility for Immunization
    9. Immunization services support and health system strengthening
    10. Technical support in phase 2
    11. GAVI/VF 2006-07 Work Plan Framework
    12. Yellow fever stockpile evaluation
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