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Paris, France, 19-20 July, 2005
Summary Report

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  • Presentation:  Dr Julian Lob-Levyt
    ( PPT - 968K)
  • Principles and revised objectives 
    ( PDF - 27K)
  • GAVI/VF Resource Report
    ( PDF - 42K)
  • 2. GAVI/Vaccine Fund in Phase 2—Executive Secretary Report

    • It is clear that the GAVI alliance and immunization in general will continue to have a major role in achieving the MDGs.
    • In the future it would be helpful to set aside time for in-depth discussion of policies raised in the Executive Secretary report.
    • The strategic objectives must articulate GAVI’s unique contribution within global health and development, and allow individual partners to focus on their respective areas of expertise in order to avoid duplicative efforts. More clarity is needed on GAVI’s mandate so that there is no confusion as to what GAVI supports or is prepared to support.
    • Indicators of progress must be specifically spelled out and deliverables made as tangible as possible, with clear links to impact on disease burden, including morbidity and mortality.
    • Influences on the vaccine markets, and programmatic sustainability, should also be measured as they will be key deliverables for phase 2.
    • While broader, systems support is crucial for any health initiative, immunization must remain the core focus of GAVI/VF support. This should be clearly reflected in both the objectives and principals.
    • The converged entity will retain two independent Boards for legal and financial reasons; to ensure the greatest utility of these bodies their complementary and distinctive roles need to be clearly defined.


    The Board:

      2.1 Endorsed the joint GAVI/VF principals.

      Requested that the new objectives should be revised based on the discussion. Quantified, time-limited indicators to measure objectives need to be defined. It may be appropriate to use the GAVI Partners’ meeting in December to obtain endorsement of the new objectives from a broader community.

      2.3 Agreed that a joint EC meeting would help clarify respective roles of the GAVI and Vaccine Fund Boards.

      2.4 Welcomed the commitment by the Executive Secretary to:

        2.4.1 Develop a new integrated financial system for the joint GAVI/VF Secretariat to enable simpler transactions and clearer representation of accountability and resource flows.

        2.4.2 Develop systems to better track the performance of the Secretariat, and the added value of the partnership, against defined deliverables.

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    1. Report from the field: Malawi
    2. GAVI/Vaccine Fund in Phase 2—Executive Secretary Report
    3. Investment case development, review and decision-making process
    4. Bridge financing investment case
    5. New vaccines in phase 2
    6. IFFIm-Dependent Investment Cases
    7. Long-term supply and procurement strategy
    8. The International Finance Facility for Immunization
    9. Immunization services support and health system strengthening
    10. Technical support in phase 2
    11. GAVI/VF 2006-07 Work Plan Framework
    12. Yellow fever stockpile evaluation
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