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GAVI Board functions and operations

The Board is the governing body of the Alliance and expresses the highest political commitment of partners.


The Board:

  • reviews, approves and updates joint objectives and milestones;
  • considers the recommendations of the Independent Review Committee and approves support for country immunization programs, requests funds to be disbursed by Vaccine Fund;
  • notes and monitors the commitments of Partners to undertake certain strategies and activities;
  • approves budgets of the Secretariat and any task force that might be established by the Board;
  • contributes, through its members, to fundraising and advocacy activities;
  • nominates the Executive Secretary and submits its name to the host organization for appointment.
  • shape strategic vision and direction for the Alliance (ultimate decision-maker)
  • provides highest level policy decisions stimulating GAVI partners to adopt new approaches and behaviors (e.g. alignment)
  • resolves issues among partners


Core responsibilities are as follows:

i) as a member of the GAVI Board, to make an active and effective contribution to the Board’s collective performance of its functions as the governing body of the Alliance (see above), including regular attendance at meetings.

ii) as a partner/constituency representative on the Board, to provide the highest level of representation, including:

  • maintaining close liaison between GAVI and the partner/constituency, including mutual exchange of ideas, issues and concerns
  • fostering, and as appropriate strengthening, partner/constituency participation in activities designed to secure the strategic objectives of the Alliance.

NB Decisions of the GAVI Board cannot override the authority of the governing boards of each individual Member Organization.


The Board meet in principle twice a year, with teleconferences held as needed. The meeting agendas are prepared by the Executive Secretary in consultation with the Working Group and the Chairperson. The Executive Secretary is the Secretary of the Board.

Attendance in board meetings by Board members are limited to their designated representatives, without the possibility of their replacement by alternates in the case of absence. Observers may be invited to attend the Board meetings or part of thereof upon invitation from the Chairperson. The Observers will have the right to participate, without a vote, in the deliberation of the Board.

The Board normally takes its decisions by consensus. Nevertheless should a vote be required each member will have one vote only, the ex officio members, if present, voting for their respective organizations. The decisions taken by the Board will not be considered as binding upon the organizations and will not override their respective governing bodies.

Who We Are

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) is a coalition of global leaders in immunization including UN organizations, national governments, foundations, NGOs, and the pharmaceutical industry, formed in response to stagnating global immunization rates and widening disparities in vaccine access among industrialized and developing countries. Since 1999 the alliance has provided a mechanism for partners to collaborate more closely, agree upon common goals and strategies, and share a commitment to do more for immunization – and to do it better.

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