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GAVI Objectives

To fulfill its mission of protecting children of all nations and of all socioeconomic levels against vaccine-preventable diseases, GAVI has established six strategic objectives:

  • Improve access to sustainable immunization services

  • Expand the use of all existing safe and cost-effective vaccines, and promote delivery of other appropriate interventions at immunization contacts

  • Support the national and international accelerated disease control targets for vaccine-preventable diseases

  • Accelerate the development and introduction of new vaccines and technologies

  • Accelerate R&D efforts for vaccines needed primarily in developing countries

  • Make immunization coverage a centerpiece in international development efforts

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NEW: Joint GAVI/Vaccine Fund Principles

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GAVI Progress & Challenges 2004

GAVI Progress Report 2002

GAVI brochure (PDF - 339K)


GAVI introductory video

Videocast of the launch of the GAVI Children’s Challenge at the World Economic Forum, 31 January 2000


GAVI launch, Davos (January 2000)

1st Partners' Meeting, Noordwijk (November 2000)

2nd Partners' Meeting, Dakar (November 2002)

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