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Ensuring access to vaccines and related products =>> Development and introduction of new, near-term products =>>

Technologies for immunization: prioritization reviews, evaluations and advocacy

Status Achievement of overall target
Will start in 2005 Following the 2003 GAVI Broad review of technologies presented to the December 2003 GAVI Board it was decided that the next review task should be performed in 2005.

Responsible entity: Secretariat
Completed by: December 2005
Total budget: $140,000

Target description and how it will help reach GAVI milestones

Improved technologies for immunization could make a great impact in accelerating access and effectiveness of vaccination efforts. GAVI perceived to have a role to play in setting priorities from GAVI/VF perspective.

ALL MILESTONES: Technology solutions can provide tools to advance progress towards all GAVI milestones

Justification for selection of activities

New technologies could provide powerful breakthroughs for increasing immunization efficiency.

Advocacy is required to attract R&D effort to immunization technologies for developing countries.


ActivitiesBudgetCoordinating partner/ support partnersExpected outcomes
Meetings and consultations$100,000WHO PATH Gates Foundation Yearly review of emerging needs and technology solutions will provide GAVI priority setting for technology research.
Advocacy for immunization technology research$40,000Secretariat WHO PATH UNICEF Gates Foundation Based on completed analysis GAVI policy paper on evaluation of technology for immunization will be produced

Targets by priority area

Ensuring access to vaccines and related products

==>> Procurement/Supply of existing products

==>> Development and introduction of new, near-term products

Technologies for immunization: prioritization reviews, evaluations and advocacy.
Monitor the progress towards establishing the public health benefit and demand for rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines in developing countries

==>> Managing process for country support from Vaccine Fund

Securing long-term financing

==>> Financial sustainability

==>> Recapitalization of The Vaccine Fund

Strategic planning & monitoring

==>> Setting priorities

==>> Monitoring progress


==>> Alliance coordination

Strengthening service delivery

==>> Health information and monitoring systems

==>> Contributing to alleviation of system-wide barriers

==>> Enhanced efforts in large population countries

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