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Strategic planning & monitoring =>> Setting priorities =>>

Long-term (through 2015) strategic plan, including Vaccine Fund priorities and policies, developed and approved.

Status Achievement of overall target
Delayed The strategic priority setting has partly been driven by the IFFIm process. The fast track process required has been achieved.
The Board was presented with the basic strategic options for GAVI phase two at its December 2004 meeting. The consolidated long-term strategic plan will be submitted to the Board by June 2005.
In regard to the Supply Study, the World Bank and WHO are working together to finalize an application to the Gates Foundation to provide matching funds to those available through the World Bank.

Responsible entity: Secretariat
Completed by: December 2004
Total budget: $724,613

Total budget includes Secretariat's salaries: $484,613

Target description and how it will help reach GAVI milestones

With VF resources expected to be committed to at least 2015 GAVI requires a long-term strategic plan (2005-15) stretching beyond current milestones.

ALL MILESTONES: The strategic plan will be the overall framework for reaching the GAVI milestones and for balancing different activities and needs.

Justification for selection of activities

A combination of analytical work, policy directions and consultations with partners and countries has been judged to be the optimum way of arriving at a strategic plan.


ActivitiesBudgetCoordinating partner/ support partnersExpected outcomes
Synthesis of reviews of GAVI processes, on-going analytic work and environmental analysis$40,000Secretariat WHO UNICEF VF VPP Assessment of effectiveness of GAVIs internal processes,
Basic evidence on implications of various options for support to health systems and to different antigens
GAVIs role in the current environment of health sector development cooperation
EC brainstorming$0Secretariat Agreement on guiding principles for strategic planning system and policy directions
Analytic work to determine implications of strategic policy options$200,000WB WHO UNICEF VF VPP Analysis of implications of policy options including support for IPV, acellular pertussis, rotavirus, pneumococcus, rubella, meningococcal and preferred presentations such as monodose
Proposal for GAVI Board$0Secretariat Board decision on draft GAVI long term strategic plan 2006-15
Consultations with countries and partners$0Secretariat countries all partners Agreement on policy directions and overall priorities
Proposal for GAVI Board$0Secretariat Board decision on GAVI long term strategic plan 2006-15

Targets by priority area

Strategic planning & monitoring

==>> Setting priorities

Long-term (through 2015) strategic plan, including Vaccine Fund priorities and policies, developed and approved.
GAVI 2006-07 work plan developed and approved.

==>> Monitoring progress


==>> Alliance coordination

Strengthening service delivery

==>> Health information and monitoring systems

==>> Contributing to alleviation of system-wide barriers

==>> Enhanced efforts in large population countries

Ensuring access to vaccines and related products

==>> Procurement/Supply of existing products

==>> Development and introduction of new, near-term products

==>> Managing process for country support from Vaccine Fund

Securing long-term financing

==>> Financial sustainability

==>> Recapitalization of The Vaccine Fund

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